Examples of past custom products we have designed



made in the usa

Custom Options

  • New Mutilation Control Products - we can manufacture unique products such as lanyard covers, key covers, button covers and more
  • New Finger Protection Products- we can manufacture all sorts of finger sleeve designs to suit any need such as multiple attached sleeves, leather patches and more
  • Existing Product Customization - we can alter our existing product to better suit your needs whether a different material or custom sizes, colors, adding Velcro and more
  • Logos - we can add a company logo to most of our mutilation control products. To learn more go to the logos page
  • Try Us - We have had requests for items that have nothing to do with our existing product line such as the white numbered sleeves pictured to the right used as a promotional item. Feel free to ask us if we can manufacture your item too

Wonder Guards can design and manufacture many custom products for businesses within our area of expertise. We also offer custom services for our existing products such as custom sizes, colors and design alterations. These include quality control products as well as workplace safety products.

Contact us with a description of the product/s you need to get a quote on our custom product design services.