Wonder Guards manufactures all our products right here in the USA with quality materials. We offer many advantages over the few other products on the market.

Why us?

We can add your company logo to many of our products to give your employees a professional look. Our quality products with logos can make a great trade show or event marketing handout as well.



We offer a large variety of Mutilation Control products for your employees and visitors to help improve your quality control. Our belt covers, ring covers and watch covers are quality made and comfortable while remaining cost effective for your company.



Quality Control Solutions

Wonder Guards can help your company's quality control managers and inspectors create a quality control plan to help protect your products during manufacturing and handling. We specialize in damage control and workplace safety solutions and can help your company save money from damaged inventory and employee injuries.

made in the usa





Wonder Guards can design a custom product for your company within our expertise or quality control and workplace safety products. We can also alter and customize existing products by sizes, colors and design.

Our workplace safety and protection products for employees will improve productivity and safety. Our padded finger sleeves give cushion to joints and protects the skin while still allowing full functionality of the finger. We also have finger splint sleeves with a pliable aluminum splint.

  • Customer Service
  • Quality products that last
  • Comfortable for employees
  • Large selection to fit any need and budget
  • Low cost logo options
  • Color and size options to ensure comfort and safety for employees